Nurture Reading Passion for Children of Different Reading Levels and Interests

It’s always been our dream and mission to offer all children magazines that would have the quality of professional publishing, but at the same time with the accessibility and prices that are favorable for parents. Since each issue of  magazine is a regular meeting with the children and therefore should resonate with their daily and world experiences, there are various sections and editorial treatments that cater to those particular needs; there are stories, and there are also games, feature reports, comics, activities, and current events at a child level.   Every child can find their own relevance and passion when reading them,  including those who are yet to develop an interest to read. In each issue, our team pays particular attention to the children who have different abilities and interests. Our ultimate goal is to provide a golden reading solution to every single unique child and nurture them into an avid and competent readers while they enjoy the companion .


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Reading Beyond Academics

Although language and literacy is a big part of what we do, our mission does not stop right here. What we offer is a heartfelt selection of easy to read stories that nourish the soul, invite readers to reflect on their values, and encourage emotional development.

Our magazines were made to be leisure reading that also reinforces kindness and compassion, and empowers them with a wholesome understanding of family, community, and friendship. The Box Magazine family grows with its readers by choosing stories with themes that are seminal to the age and stage of its target audience.

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