Why do I need to subscribe to magazines for my children when there are so many books available?

It is a real treat for children to receive their own personally addressed magazine through the letterbox. Our characters also appear over and over again in each issue. This causes them to feel a huge attachment to their magazine and the reading experiences it provides. Bayard magazines provide support with the subjects children learn in school and are often used for school projects. The materials in each issue are not only educational but are also a great source of enjoyment and fun for our readers.

Thuy Ngan Pham / General Manager, Bayard Presse Asia 

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Characters create morphological proximity

The same characters appear over and over again in our magazines. Not only they create a sense of familiarity, by seeing characters that are just like them, kids learn to better understand themselves and others.  There are two modes of approach when a child relates to characters appear in books:  identification (the child will go towards the one who looks like him) and the projection (the child will go towards the one who he would like to be). 

Most children spontaneously relate themselves to animals, especially baby animals. There is therefore morphological proximity, but also proximity in the discovery of the world. The use of animals also allows the child to identify himself or herself while maintaining a certain distance.  It helps them to feel understood when a character reacts the same way that they do and help them navigate their emotions.

    Little Brown Bear



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