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  • DiscoveryBox Special Edition: Secrets Of The Forest Revealed

    60 pages to uncover the hidden secrets of the forest..learn about this complex ecosystem, its life through the seasons and people who are fighting for its preservation.

    The special issue includes

    • foldout – that takes you through the life cycle of a dead tree
    • facts – that will help you delve into the subterranean city of ants
    • And also games, quiz and experiments.
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  • DiscoveryBox Special Edition: The Middle Ages

    DiscoveryBox Antiquity is an exciting journey to educate and nurture a child’s inquisitive mind!

    Didn’t get to travel this holiday? Now you can travel through time AND three different countries.  In this Special Edition of DiscoveryBox, we’ll explore some of human civilizations greatest heights and innovations in the time of Antiquity.

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  • DiscoveryBox Special Edition: Vet’s Guide to Pets

    DiscoveryBox Vet’s Guide to Pets is an incredibly rich resource for helping kids to understand all the responsibilities that come with a pet (of any species)!

    Already have a pet or are thinking of getting one?  This guide will help your child to get a better understanding of exactly what it means to be taking care of a pet.  In this Special Edition of DiscoveryBox, kids will learn about how the needs of animals are very different from humans, and get to know the unique characteristics, behaviours and diets of different domesticated animals.

    What’s inside:

    • A glimpse into a day in the life of a veterinarian
    • Your guide to dogs and their origins
    • Fun facts and explanations for your cats behaviours
    • All your questions about birds, rodents, and fish!
    • And so much more!
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  • Investigation Gamebook - Box Magazines

    Mystery Investigation Gamebook

    A change of pace: unlike the hyper pace of a computer or mobile game, this mystery gamebook encourages the calm and critical observation of details without time pressure.  Kids can work through the puzzles at their own speed as their eye for detail improves.

    For all of our ingenious investigators, Bayard presents a brand new whodunnit gamebook! 64-pages packed full of treacherous thefts, sneaky sabotage schemes, and pretty pranks – all unsolved mysteries, waiting for the next great mind to untangle them!   Will it be you?

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