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AdventureBox: Ages 6-10 (AUDIO INCLUDED)


Made in the UK. Recommended Award Winner in Parents’ Choice Award (US)

Helping children establish independent reading habits is the focus of training during the period from 6 to 10 years old. After entering Primary One, children will be exposed to more and more words, so starting at the age of 6, parents should gradually help children transition from image to text reading, and to read fluently on their own, so that children will not lose confidence in reading. Parents can start with topics that their children are interested in, and arouse their children’s motivation to read actively. As a result, children can greatly increase their reading literacy, fluency, and learn more knowledge.

Good reading habits. “AdventureBox” is specially created for children aged 6 to 10. The proportion of illustrations and text in the story is half and half, and the creators share the creation process and record the story to enhance the fun of reading text and build children’s confidence and comprehension ability in reading English stories .



Made in the UK. Recommended Award Winner in Parents’ Choice Award (US)

AdventureBox is the magazine that keeps kids hooked on reading.  This title was made for kids who have just begun to read independently.  The distinctive format helps kids feel grown up and that they’ve arrived at the next step in their reading journey.

66 pages filled with:

An exciting illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters covering a variety of genres.  Children will begin to develop their literary tastes. The colorful illustrations will ensure that they enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.

A chat with the creators allows kids to understand more about the creative underpinnings of each story.

Nibby the pencil accompanies kids to explore the theme of the story.

Puzzles and games to stimulate children’s literacy, observation, and reasoning skills in a fun way.

Hilarious comics that develop their sense of humour as well as their reading.

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  • All of our magazine titles have 10 issues per year with combined issues in Jan/Feb and July/Aug.

AdventureBox + Audio

Additional Features
Audio An audio in MP3  format is offered alongside each issue. Characters are brought to life by talented British voice actors.

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