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DiscoveryBox: Ages 7-14


Made in the UK. Gold Medalist in Parents’ Choice Award (US)

After the age of 7, children generally have the basic reading ability, and can start to actively read different books to explore areas of interest. Therefore, after the age of 7, children are attracted to the knowledge express, and their horizons can be broadened through extensive reading, and then they can develop in depth. interests and abilities. This stage is also the golden period for children to strengthen their brain potential. Parents encourage children to choose interesting reading materials by themselves, which will help develop children’s abstract thinking, logical ability, speculative ability and inquiry ability.

“Discovery Box”, which combines knowledge and fun, opens the door to knowledge for children aged 7 to 14, leading them to explore natural ecology, history and humanities, innovative technology, and space and the universe. It not only expands the worldview, but also stimulates curiosity and knowledge. Desire, inspire enthusiasm for actively absorbing new knowledge, cultivate problem-solving ability, and help adapt to the complex and changeable society in the future.



Made in the UK. Gold Medalist in Parents’ Choice Award (US)
DiscoveryBox is a journey of discovery through nature, science and history. In each issue, children explore a new topic (prehistoric humans, horses, robots, the mysteries of the night…). Let them explore the rich history of the world, landmark scientific discoveries, the beauty of nature.  DiscoveryBox helps children to grow, develop critical thinking, and nurture discussion with peers, parents, and teachers!

Inside this magazine:

An exciting new topic every month that’s presented through spectacular photos and intriguing facts.

Important historical events are retold in a lively and engaging way.

Science articles present the latest and greatest inventions using clear explanations and captioned high-resolution images.

Captivating articles that introduce other countries, cultures and lifestyles.

Comic strips, DIY activities, games, quizzes, recipes, and lots more!

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